dump1 [ dʌmp ] verb transitive **
▸ 1 place something carelessly
▸ 2 get rid of someone/something
▸ 3 leave someone with someone else
▸ 4 end relationship
▸ 5 sell goods at low price
▸ 6 copy information
1. ) INFORMAL to put something somewhere in a careless way, especially something that is heavy:
She dumped her bags on the floor and flopped onto the bed.
2. ) to get rid of someone or something that you no longer want or need:
Over 150,000 tons of waste are dumped annually along the coastline.
Nolan was angry at being dumped from the team.
3. ) INFORMAL to leave someone in the care of someone else because it is convenient for you, although it may not be for them:
dump someone with someone else: They dumped the kids with her parents while they went shopping.
4. ) INFORMAL to end a sexual or romantic relationship with someone:
Brady's really upset because his girlfriend's just dumped him.
5. ) BUSINESS to sell goods at a very inexpensive price in a foreign country in order to keep prices higher in your own country
6. ) COMPUTING to copy information that is stored inside a computer to another part of the same computer or onto something such as a DISK
`dump on phrasal verb transitive INFORMAL
1. ) dump on someone to treat someone in an unfair way, especially by criticizing or blaming them for something
2. ) dump something on someone to give someone an unpleasant or difficult job to do instead of doing it yourself or helping them with it
dump 2 [ dʌmp ] noun count *
1. ) a place where large amounts of waste are taken, usually from a number of towns: GARBAGE DUMP
2. ) INFORMAL a place or building that is dirty or unpleasant
3. ) a place where military equipment such as weapons are stored for a short period of time:
an ammunition dump
4. ) COMPUTING the process of copying information stored inside a computer to another part of the same computer or onto something such as a DISK
(down) in the dumps INFORMAL
feeling unhappy or without hope:
Some Mondays I just feel down in the dumps.
take a dump IMPOLITE
to go to the toilet to get rid of solid waste

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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